A Powerful and Easy to Use Music Production Utility that Allows You to Compose, Remix, Record, as Well as Edit Your Musical Ideas in A Seamless Audio/midi Environment

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Ableton Live is a fully-featured and cross-platform music sequencer and DAW (short for digital audio workstation) designed for live performances, as well as audio recording, composing, mixing, arranging and mastering.

Helps you create and produce music with high-quality sound

Ableton Live is a reliable macOS application used by turntablists for its beat-matching, cross-fading and audio effects. The dynamic user interface offers you quick access to all the tools and features you need and various panels can be easily hidden or displayed based on your needs.

All your tracks are stored in vertical order and, as expected, the sound is played from left to right. To each tack, you can add multiple effects and disable items with a few clicks of a mouse button.

Take advantage of the large collection of kits, loops, and instruments

Thanks to Ableton Live’s Session View, a practical sketchpad tools, you can effortlessly play, perform and improvise on the go. Without the use of a timeline, you can let your imagination free and enjoy a smooth and fast music creation experience.

In addition to the user-oriented interface, Ableton Live also offers a comprehensive collection of loops, instruments, and sounds that can aid you in designing your music. You have access to well over 400 loops, 300 drum kits,  25 packs, 5 synths, and 3 samplers.

The great thing about Ableton Live is that you can add numerous effects to your tracks and manually work with individual instruments in order to deliver the desired output results. You can always plug-in your external hardware if you are not content with the featured instruments.

Try out various audio and MIDI effects

On top of that, Ableton Live offers you the option to work with virtual instruments, which you can mix into tracks for quicker access.

Thanks to the support for MIDI devices, Ableton Live enables you to rapidly access any tool or feature using MIDI mapping toolkits or with the help of your Mac’s keyboard. Moreover, Ableton Live can be controlled from your iOS or Android device with the help of third-party utilities.

All things considered, the Ableton Live utility is a powerful and versatile DAW for music production, creation, and performance that you can rely on during live performances.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Ableton Live for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂