Native Mac Os Desktop Player for Pandora Radio that Lets You Listen to Your Music without A Browser, While Also Featuring a Built-In Proxy, Support for Lyrics and A Last.Fm Scrobbler

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If you’re not from the US, Australia or New Zealand, you might not have heard of Pandora Radio. It’s a very popular music streaming service that excels at providing recommendations, but it is sadly only available in a few countries at the moment.

With Anesidora, you can get around this location-based restriction and listen to music without a web browser or mobile app, the only two ways Pandora can be accessed normally. It is a minimalistic and well-designed macOS app that we can easily recommend.

What sets Pandora apart

Unlike Spotify or Apple Music, which let users choose exactly what they want to play, Pandora provides you with songs based on the music you have listened to in the past, taking your likes and dislikes into consideration.

The Music Genome Project, which Pandora uses for recommendations, was revolutionary when it was introduced in 2000, and it is even better today. To put it simply, Pandora is a great choice for users who want to find new music, not just listen to what they already know.

A great alternative to the Pandora web and mobile apps

Web apps are ubiquitous nowadays, and many developers see no reason to invest in a native app for macOS. If you want to take your music out of your browser, and take advantage of various other features—some of which are a result of this improved integration—Anesidora is worth a try.

It provides you with mostly the same features available in the web version of the player, with additions such as lyrics, a scrobbler, and a built-in proxy.

Listen to Pandora Radio from any location

Speaking of the included proxy, this is what allows you to access the Pandora service from any country, even those that are normally blocked. It is incredibly intuitive too, as all the settings are handled by the app automatically.

Lightweight design, macOS integration, and configurable hotkeys

Since this is a native Mac app, you can take advantage of the media keys on your keyboard to control playback, a feature that is often hit-or-miss when listening via a browser.

Anesidora also supports the macOS Notification Center, it can pause playback whenever you take your AirPods out of your ears, and it allows you to set up global hotkeys for a bunch of actions.

In short, this is a very impressive Pandora player for macOS, offering a decent array of features for free, and even more for those who choose to upgrade to the Pro edition. If you’re a Pandora listener, it’s certainly worth a try, and if you’re not, this app will allow you to access the service even if it is currently blocked in your country.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Anesidora for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂