A Practical and User-Friendly Utility that Provides All the Tools and Features You Need to Compare and Synchronize Folders and Files

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Working with multiple files and folders on different drives and memory sticks can be confusing especially if you don’t remember where you saved your latest changes. Thanks to Beyond Compare you no longer have to guess which is the right folder or file.

Easy to use tool for syncing, merging and comparing files and folders

Beyond Compare is a handy and well-designed application specially designed to help you compare, merge or synchronize your folders and files.

Beyond Compare enables you to quickly and effortlessly focus on the differences you are interested in and ignore the files that are already updated. Thus, you can merge your changes or synchronize files and generate useful reports for your records.

Built-in remote folder and drive comparison

From Beyond Compare’s main window you can easily compare entire drives or folders and check the size and modification dates. You can also perform thorough verifications and comparisons with FTP sites, network drives, and other storage devices.

Beyond Compare is also capable to display and edit your text files using syntax highlighting and comparison rules specially made for HTML, source code and text files. You can also compare DOC and PDF files, data files, executables, images, and binary data.

3-way file and folder merging engine

Beyond Compare‘s built-in specialized viewers can help you visualize and compare CSV data, HTML tables, and even image files.

What is more, you can take advantage of the 3-way merge system that allows you to combine various changes from two different versions of a file into a single output document. The color-coding system helps you view, accept, reject or merge changes.

Moreover, with the help of Beyond Compare‘s context menu, you can easily synchronize the selected file or folder to the left or right and compare it to the desired file.

Fully-featured and intuitive folder and file sync tool for the Mac

In addition, you can copy or move to the left or right and delete or rename the file. On top of that, you can generate a file compare report, refresh selection and exclude or ignore the file.

All in all, Beyond Compare is a powerful and practical compare, merge and synchronization OS X utility designed from the get-go to enable you to keep all the files on your Mac and on remote storage devices updated and in sync.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Beyond Compare for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂