Protect Your Privacy by Securely Wiping Confidential Documents and Removing Traces Left Behind by Other Applications with This Intuitive Tool

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If you’re using the computer as the main tool for work, it’s recommended to keep an eye on its health status in order to be on the safe side. Antivirus is not capable of offering full protection, as various residue files that pose no threat can pile up and clog your computer.

Luckily, applications such as east-tec Eraser give you the possibility to keep your computer in good shape by cleaning these junk files. The application prides itself with a modern and visually appealing interface that poses no accommodation problems. Main features can be accessed from a side panel that brings their content in the workspace once selected.

View notifications and take action

A dashboard is put at your disposal to display notifications or warnings. Each tooltip is equipped with a button that lets you fix current issues. In addition, you can view any active process in a small display area, cleverly placed to be both easy to spot and offer comfort.

Keep your virtual identity safe and sound

One of the tools you might use the most is the Privacy Guard. It’s designed to get rid of Windows and Internet activity data in order to prevent malicious infiltrations that can damage your system. You can choose a basic option that keeps track of your activity and automatically cleans unnecessary files, or snoop through advanced settings and fully configure the process.

Additionally, the application features a powerful removal tool with the help of which you can permanently delete files and folders. This option can be integrated into the Explorer Context Menu for enhanced ease of access.

Have your PC cleaned periodically

Furthermore, you can schedule any of the application’s integrated features with the help of a dedicated tool. Creating a task is easily done by following a few steps in which you are required to specify task details and configure time and operation settings.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that east-tec Eraser is amongst the top of its kind, combining a user-friendly interface and several powerful features into a light package. It gets the job done well, even though it feeds on a decent amount of system resources.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used east-tec Eraser and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂