A Reliable and Useful Utility that Was Developed in Order to Provide Its Users with The Means to Decompile Action Script and Flash Animations

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Gordon Flash Decompiler is an application that includes a large array of features designed to help you edit as well as decompile Flash movies with ease.

Inbuilt capabilities for fast and easy decompiling of both Flash and ActionScript based projects

Additionally, Gordon Flash Decompiler can be used to successfully decompile ActionScript projects into much simpler elements in order to process them much easier.

Each project is decompiled into elements such as movies, symbols, layers, and timelines. Each one can easily be deleted or modified if you want to.

Makes it possible to access and edit the contents of any Flash-based file without access to the original resources

The Gordon Flash Decompiler application can also be employed to accurately display the movie elements of any SWF file that was already published.

With the help of Gordon Flash Decompiler, one can even edit Flash content without even having access to the original flash project files, a very useful feature for a group of developers working on a project.

Each of the decompiled items, like sounds, images, and vector graphics can be exported to the most common formats, like TIFF, PDF, and others.

As an extra benefit bonus, the application allows users to customize stage rendering options, such as displaying the first frame of all project sprites or drawing a bounding box of selected symbols.

A simple and user-friendly tool for both viewing the contents of and analyzing Flash and ActionScript projects

Furthermore, Gordon Flash Decompiler enables you to choose the output flash document’s format, which can be the same as the movie.

Moreover, with the help of Gordon Flash Decompilers, you can also convert items such as mask layers, static text fields or shape tweens.

All in all, Gordon Flash Decompiler provides its users with one of the fastest and secure ways to analyze and explore Flash movie content, and as an added bonus it also comes with support for multiple customization options, suitable for more advanced users.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Gordon Flash Decompiler for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂