User Friendly and Powerful Mapping Solution that Enables You to Control Your Mac via Your Apple Remote by Assigning Custom Actions to Each Button

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The Apple Remote is designed to help you control your media applications, but can also be tweaked to work with other utilities. Remote Buddy is an unobtrusive status bar menu app that can help you change the mapping of your remote control and add new actions.

Apple Remote control customizer featuring a user-friendly installation procedure

As an application, Remote Buddy resides in your status bar and provides support for mapping the controller in a very unobtrusive manner. However, to get started, you must first install the Candelair driver and then pair your Apple Remote with your Mac.

For your convenience, Remote Buddy comes with a Setup Wizard that can help you go through the entire procedure in a streamlined and user-friendly way. Once the controller is connected, all you have to do is customize its behavior via the Remote Buddy Preferences window.

Effortlessly map your Apple Remote commands and set up custom actions for select apps

Remote Buddy offers you the possibility to quickly assign a specific action that is tailored for the currently active application to an Apple Remote button. This way, you will be able to use the remote to navigate folders, menus, to eject disks, to switch between AirPlay speakers within iTunes, and so on.

Furthermore, Remote Buddy includes and AJAX Remote function that enables you to control your computer by using your iPhone, your iPod Touch, or the Safari web browser. You can see the list of all supported applications on the developer’s website.

Powerful mapping solution for customizing the Apple Remote behavior

Remote Buddy is the perfect tool to have if you need to control your Mac from a distance: you can remap the controller buttons and trigger actions specific to the currently active utility. In addition, you can also connect your iOS device and use the touch screen to control your computer.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Remote Buddy for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂