A Compact Twitter Client that Offers Support for Sound and Popup Notifications, Url Shortening Options, Multiple Twitter Accounts, and Drag-And-Drop Support for Uploading Images

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Saezuri is a lightweight Twitter client which can be deployed with the aid of Adobe AIR’s runtime system in order to help you interact with your friends without having to open up your web browser and manually sign in each time you need to add a new post.

User-friendly interface

You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup that provides you quick access to your Friends’ Timeline, Mentions, Direct Messages, Lists, as well as search options. The primary panel is quite minimalistic, so you are not allowed to switch to a full-screen mode.

Main features

Saezuri provides support for built-in services for helping you shorten links, and share images via different online providers, such as TwitPic, Fotolog, or yfrog.

When it comes to writing a new Tweet you can type the message directly into the primary panel or paste it from other third-party utilities, drag and drop photos directly into the main window, as well as use hashtags. Additionally, you may refresh the information with just one click.

Several configuration settings to tinker with

Saezuri gives you the possibility to use HTTPS connections, configure the behavior for the close button (quit application or minimize it to system tray), automatically update your friends’ timeline, mentions, direct messages, and lists at a user-defined time, reload the information after a new tweet, as well as enable the Retweet option.

The utility lets you select the provider that you want to use for shortening URLs and sharing photos, and enable audio and popup notifications for the friends’ timeline, mentions, direct messages, lists, and search options. If you opt for popup messages, you are allowed to choose their position on the screen (e.g. top left or right, bottom left or right).

What’s more, you can make the utility display the full name, username, or both options, show thumbnails, customize the looks of the program by choosing between different skins, alter the text by selecting the font and size, build up a list with bad words to be filtered, as well as use multiple accounts.

Bottom line

All in all, Saezuri proves to be a handy tool worth being taken into consideration in case you are looking for a simple way to access your Twitter accounts and post new messages.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Saezuri and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂