A Lightweight, yet Intuitive Tool that Allows You to Connect with Your Twitter Account and See Posts and Tweets Directly from Your Desktop

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With millions of active accounts, Twitter is one of the most successful socializing platforms where you can share your daily thoughts in 280 characters. TweetZ is a client designed specifically for this network.

The small app is a Windows widget which means you can enable it from the OS’s gadget menu.

While there are a number of available clients on the market, TweetZ was designed to have a minimal interface that doesn’t cover too much of the screen. However, this can be changed to any custom size.

The app has two size options that enable you to see your tweets, the messages from friends and even your direct messages. Also, any mentions and your friends’ accounts can be accessed.

TweetZ lets you adjust the font size from the app’s “Options” menu. Furthermore, the font can become brighter. Any URLs in the posts are ignored by default, but the program gives you the opportunity to change this setting.

The program comes with a few alarms as well. For example, it can “chirp” for status changes, mentions, and private messages. Additionally, you can set the time interval at which the program refreshes. By default, the home page refreshes every two minutes, the mentions page every four minutes and the private messages every six minutes.

In order to connect to your Twitter account with this app, you need the PIN code, which can be discovered by clicking a link provided by the program and logging in through the web browser. Then, the code needs to be pasted in the widget.

The bottom line is that TweetZ is a nice program that can be a convenient alternative to using the Twitter home page. Inexperienced users should find the program easy to use and customize.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Tweetz Desktop and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂