Visualize Your Scientific Data in An Interactive Way by Adding Plots and Creating Labels, Vectors, Boundaries, and Surfaces with This Handy Application

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VisIt is an advanced software program that enables you to generate plots from scientific data, creates labels, vectors, boundaries, and surfaces using various mathematical operators and expressions, as well as export results as animations for presentations.

Complex interface and options

Wrapped up in a comprehensive interface, VisIt comes bundled with many buttons and a rich menu bar, giving you the possibility to run simulations, change the window’s layout, or invert the background’s color.

It’s possible to edit a wide range of plot attributes for the boundary, contour, curve, filled boundary, histogram, label, mesh, molecule, multi-curve, parallel coordinates, pseudocolor, scatter, spreadsheet, streamline, subset, tensor, truecolor, vector, and volume.

Analyze, debug and manipulate data

Plus, you can analyze connected components, data binning, defer expressions, flux, lineout, model fit, persistent particles, and statistical trends, run a debugger by inverting the ghost zone, perform geometry actions (e.g. dual mesh, edge, resample), create integral curves or molecular bonds, and so on.

Furthermore, the software program lets you control the animation, annotation, color table, data-level comparisons, database correlations, expressions, keyframing, lighting, lineout, macros, selections, subset, and others. These are just a small part of the features provided by VisIt.

Evaluation and conclusion

The utility ran smoothly in our tests, without hanging, crashing or displaying error messages. Surprisingly, its impact on the overall performance of the machine is minimal, since it needed low CPU and RAM to work properly.

It certainly comes equipped with a long list of options dedicated to scientific graphs. However, these are not intuitive enough to be handled by less experienced users, so VisIt might prove difficult to work with.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used VisIt and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂