Free and User-Friendly Firmware Update Files Designed by Apple to Install and Improve the Capabilities of Their Latest Product, the Apple Watch

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With a lot of hype around its release, the Apple Watch is one of the most important and the first new product for over five years for the Cupertino-based company.

The Apple Watch is an impressive display of advanced technology, with everything from connectivity and synchronization options, all the way up to pressure sensitivity sensors that literally revolutionize the way you use such an electronic device.

Interacting with the Apple Watch is made possible by the Apple Watch OS, a very advanced OS with a compact yet highly functional interface, different to almost everything you are used to within  Apple’s current product lineup.

Apple’s most compact OS, designed to bring the power of iPhone apps onto your wrist

As it stands, the Apple watchOS will basically extend and replicate most of the functions from your iPhone. Yes, it offers basic timekeeping features and yes it can make you keep your iPhone tucked away for some extent by enabling you to make calls, send texts, read and answer emails, view your latest tweets, and more.

But, the Apple watchOS coupled with the advanced hardware technology within the device can also make it possible for you to pay while shopping by simply waving the watch over the payment terminal and to see how healthy your lifestyle is by keeping track of your steps and calories, or every cardio-related activity.

The Apple watchOS also makes it possible for you to view how the weather is, what are your next appointments, as well as to send drawings and heartbeats to other Apple Watch users.

A user-friendly and straightforward installation process that requires an iPhone, a charging cable, and a Wi-Fi connection

As with all Apple’s OSs, updates are expected and will make the overall experience even better, we are sure about that. Unlike Apple’s other iOS-based devices which can update themselves with the Software Update feature, the Apple Watch is dependent on your iPhone to actually upgrade its firmware.

Your Apple Watch will update its OS with the help of iPhone’s Apple Watch app. Go to My Watch, tap General and then the Software Update entry where you will be greeted by a large Apple Watch icon with a big sprocket inside, plus the size and version of the update.

This said you should also know that in order to complete the installation, you must first download the update package onto your iPhone, you will then need to connect both devices to your local Wi-Fi network, connect the watch to its charge and make sure that its battery level is over 50%.

A solid platform on which Apple can now build and innovate even further

As an ending note, the Apple watchOS is a real statement for Apple’s prowess and innovation capability when combining hardware and software towards making our lives better.

Beginnings will always be exciting, but, we must admit, we are looking forward to seeing how new native and third-party apps will extend Apple watchOS’s capabilities even more, therefore, making it better.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used watchOS for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂