Buy and Play Games, Access Your Game Library, as Well as Stay Connected with Your Friends to Chat and Share Achievements Using This Desktop Client

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If you’re looking for alternate gaming clients to Steam, GOG Galaxy, Uplay and others to be able to play new games, you can try Arc. Keeping an interface similar to Steam, this desktop client has its own store and gives you the possibility to purchase points to buy games as well as to stay connected with your friends, whether you just want to chat or show off your achievements.

Play games and create a library

During installation, the app offers to run every time you turn on your computer. To get started, you can sign up for an account or just log in with your Facebook account.

Once you reach the main app window, you can explore the store and even play some games for free, such as Neverwinter, Gigantic, or Star Trek Online. During gameplay, the app shows an overlay to let you access your profiles, read news and forums, as well as submit support tickets and browse the web.

Chat with friends and share your achievements

Furthermore, you can check out news and the forum section, charge your account with points to be able to buy games, view your gaming library, chat with friends, and create chat rooms. Meanwhile, games can be manually imported into the library, even if they were not obtained with Arc.

From the settings menu, you can switch to offline mode, change the interface language, change the hotkey used for showing the in-game overlay (default is Shift+F1), as well as disable notifications for news and updates of specific games, friend requests and activity, game invitations, game progress, and so on.

Provides security against unauthorized devices

As far as security is concerned, Arc has a feature called “Arc Defender” that creates a unique profile for PCs that you wish to allow access to using a standard username and password so that unauthorized PCs will have to take some extra verification steps.

All aspects considered, Arc offers a stylish interface for playing new games on the desktop. It’s worth looking into if want something other than Steam.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Arc and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂