An Easy to Use Mac Os Application that Offers You the Possibility to Automatically Upload Files and Folders to Various Online Storage Services

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Backing up your important documents in multiple locations, such as to an online storage service or to your own server can prove to be a great idea: drives can fail, and computers can be subjected to various calamities.

Arq is a Mac app that can help you streamline the data upload process, once you figured out where you want to back up the data. The utility can work with Amazon servers, S3 compatible services (Google, DreamHost, GreenQloud, and others), or personal SFTP servers.

Effortless to install and setup data upload solution

Right off the bat, you must use the Arq assistant to create a connection with your online storage account, or with your server. Via a drop-down menu, you must select the service you want to employ, and then provide your credentials. All in all, the entire process is fairly intuitive.

The next step is to specify the files and folders you want to backup: you can add as many as you want. Once everything is configured properly, you can close the Arq main window: the app provides an unobtrusive status bar menu for controlling the upload process.

Encrypt backups and set up limits for the data transfer

To help you keep your data safe, Arq allows you to encrypt the backups before the uploading process begins, by using a password. The developers also provide an open-source command-line utility that can be used to decrypt the data without going through the Arq app.

Furthermore, via its Preferences window, Arq offers you the possibility to set up limits for the maximum, automatic, and fixed transfer rates. This way you can make sure the backup does not take too much of your bandwidth.

Streamlined data transfer utility that enables you to upload content to online storage services

Arq is capable to automatically backup files to your online storage accounts regardless of the file type of size.

Additionally, the Arq app is also able to work with various services, allows you to limit the transfer rate to make sure your day to day activity is not disturbed and allows you to encrypt the data.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Arq for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂