Alternative Application Switcher Tool that Streamlines Your Workflow by Displaying only The Utilities that Are Active only In the Current Workspace

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Command-Tab Plus is an alternative solution to the app switcher that comes integrated into the macOS by default. Instead of displaying icons for all running apps, Command-Tab Plus will show only the ones active in the current workspace.

App switcher that is very similar to the built-in Command-Tab solution

By default, if you use the Command+Tab hotkey in macOS, you will see the icons of all open apps, regardless if any of them are hidden or minimized. The list does not differentiate between utilities that are associated with different workspaces.

To navigate between them, you must merely press the tab key again, and release when you have reached the icon of the utility you want to access. This way, you can quickly jump to a particular app without taking the time to switch to Mission Control or move your cursor to the Dock.

The Command-Tab Plus uses the same workflow, while also integrating the concept of different displays in order to include in the list only the relevant entries.

Note that you can either use the same hotkey as the default system and replace it altogether or use a different keyboard combination to be able to access both launchers alternatively.

Customize the launcher’s appearance and adjust the icons’ sizes

Command-Tab Plus comes with a status bar menulet that helps you navigate to the app’s Preferences window, check for updates, or only close the app. You have the option to launch the utility by default at login, and you can opt for any of the three available system-wide hotkeys (Command/Control/Option + Tab).

Moreover, Command-Tab Plus allows you to change the colors used for the window, for the highlighted items, for the captions. You have the option to draw a border to the highlighted item, or to hide the app name captions.

The same area offers you the possibility to adjust the size of the icons: 80, 100, 120, 140, or 160 pixels. Worth mentioning is that except for the color selection, Command-Tab Plus features fixed parameter values: you cannot input the size of the icons manually, or set additional global hotkeys.

An alternative solution for switching only between the active apps in the current workspace

Command-Tab Plus aims to provide a simple option for quickly navigating only between the utilities that you are actively using in order to save time.

The Command-Tab Plus app integrates the concept of workspace within its workflow and ignores hidden or minimized apps or utilities associated with a different virtual display.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Command-Tab Plus for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂