Transfer Your Contacts, Calendar Events, Tasks or Appointments Between Your Outlook Account and Other Devices with This Utility that Offers Multiple Profile Management

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CompanionLink FA is an application that will help users to easily synchronize and backup their different Infusionsoft, SalesJunction, Microsoft Outlook or Google / Gmail accounts with other devices. It will allow them to perform a two-way synchronization process and they will be able to back up their calendar events, contacts, tasks, appointments, notes, etc.

A stylish interface that will help people synchronize their Outlook account data with Android devices

CompanionLink FA will boast a colorful interface that might appeal to most users since it provides good contrast and legible information. It’s dropdown menu will allow one to easily select the synchronization options, perform the actual sync or access the application’s preferences menu.

When entering the settings menu, users can expect to find a multitude of options for synchronizing various accounts. Besides Microsoft Outlook, they will be able to access a library of PC and Internet databases, such as ACT!, GoldMine, Google, Highrise, Infusionsoft, etc.

Synchronize your Android device with other accounts such as Outlook, by using this feature-rich sync utility

In order to synchronize their Outlook account to their Android bearing devices, users will need to install the additional DejaOffice app on their mobile phones. By using the clear documentation provided in the CompanionLink FA’s installation, they will be able to establish a working sync connection between their Android phone and their Outlook account.

The application will allow users to define custom categories for each account/device and they will be able to edit their credentials for each corresponding account. Advanced settings such as deletion preferences and conflict detection behavior are also available and CompanionLink FA will even provide a dedicated mobile phone formatting module.

Good software solution for backing up and synchronizing personal data from various services to Android devices

All in all, CompanionLink FA can be a good choice for those who require an easy and efficient way of synchronizing their personal data from accounts such as Outlook, with their Android devices. It will allow them to easily set up the synchronization process details, select categories to be backed up or even format their Android mobile phones upon request.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used CompanionLink FA and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂