Duplicate Detection Tool that Can Scan Your Photos or I Tunes Libraries, or Any Other Folder in Order to Help You Get More Storage Space

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Duplicates can take a significant chunk out of your storage space, especially when dealing with large files. DupeZap is a duplicates detection solution that also provides support for quickly removing the items.

Duplicates scanning tool that can handle all types of files

To start using the DupeZap application, you need to direct the scanner to the source directories: just drag and drop the respective folders on top of the app’s main window. You can also use the import button and go through the Finder menu, and choose to load multiple source files at the same time.

DupeZap can work with your Photos and iTunes libraries can create an iTunes “dead” track report and will let you know if it detects empty folders. At the same time, before starting the scanning process, you get to decide if you want to scan only files, or include folders.

Review the detected duplicates and decide which ones should be removed

DupeZap keeps the duplicates organized by type (images, music, movies, archives, documents, and others) and group while providing extensive details about each file, including thumbnails and the possibility to playback media files.

Within the DupeZap main window, you get to see the list of duplicates together with all files associated with a particular entry. The app can automatically mark the ones that should be deleted, but you can easily review or correct the selection.

The DupeZap results viewer provides the full path for each file, together with the modification date, size, and kind. For your convenience, DupeZap also integrates previewing options for certain file formats.

Gain more storage space by deleting duplicate files

DupeZap is a powerful scanning tool that can identify duplicate files, including in your Photos and iTunes libraries, and even report empty folders. DupeZap can ignore certain locations or file extensions to help you get relevant results.

At the same time, DupeZap can assign color labels to certain file types to make them more recognizable when reviewing the scan results. Worth mentioning is that DupeZap can send the files to the Trash, or to a folder of your choice, which is ideal for preventing accidental deletion.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used DupeZap for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂