REST client that is able to deal with various types of HTTP requests and offers you the possibility to see all the response details

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Insomnia is a REST client designed to help you test APIs by using custom HTTP requests and analyzing all the details included in the response. The utility allows you to create multiple environments and organizes the requests into folders.

Test APIs in an organized workspace and even get control over cookies

Within the Insomnia application, you get to configure multiple test situations, and you can configure as many workspaces as you like to keep projects separate. The app offers you the option to set different client certificates in each case.

Inside the environment, you get to run HTTP requests and analyze the responses. Note that you get to organize the requests into folders, or you can use the built-in search tool to filter the requests list.

Insomnia will also keep track of the cookies used by each domain, and you can see a comprehensive list in the built-in manager that helps you filter and even delete them if necessary.

REST client that comes with predefined HTTP commands

When configuring an HTTP request, Insomnia provides support for using some of the most popular functions: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS, or HEAD. On the other hand, you also get to set a custom method.

Insomnia allows you to specify the URL, can work with multiple authorization types (Basic Auth, OAuth 1.0 and 2.0, Digest Auth, or Microsoft NTML), offers you the option to set headers, to run queries, and set the payload.

At the same time, the utility delivers extensive access to the API responses, so you get to review the code, the body content, and so on. The app also enables you to preview the API without leaving the app.

Efficient solution for testing APIs and analyzing HTTP requests

Insomnia can improve your development workflow by delivering detailed responses for various types of HTTP requests while also enabling you to control the environment variables.

For your convenience, Insomnia allows you to rely on code snippets that can use different programming languages, such as Python, Swift, Java, Curl, and so on.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Insomnia for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂