Manage Your Time Spent on The Pc and Raise Your Productivity by Keeping Track of Your Computer Usage in A Simple, yet Detailed Manner

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Have you ever had the need to control your PC activity in a much more tight manner? If your idle moments in front of your computer are not so few, then MetaMe is definitely an app worth considering. MetaMe is, in one word, an organizer. What it does is receive feeds from your most-used apps and, based on a couple of your initial suggestions, it produces a complete analysis of your time spent in front of the monitor.

Choose which apps are productive

MetaMe is customizable. This means that you can tell it which apps are productive and which are not. Of course, the final report it produces is based on your choices. Activity is analyzed in more than one way. You have daily, weekly and monthly feeds, all combined to show your most productive moments. It’s worth noting that app background activity will not be taken into consideration.

Set your goal

Part of the app customization level, MetaMe allows the user to set a specific goal for them to reach. Based on the number of hours one wants to be productive, the app offers a series of options, ranging from low to high. These features make the app very versatile and adaptable to one’s needs. This particular fact represents the best part of MetaMe. The app can be toggled by using a specific keyboard combination (CTRL + ~).

The interface

If app usage is MetaMe‘s strong point, as it should be, the app’s interface customization options are lacking. For one, it has very few themes and it does not allow one to change the keyboard combinations used if required. These could be featured on the list of improvements that may come in future updates. On the other hand, the interface is simple and intuitive.

MetaMe is without a doubt a unique program on the app market. While there is still room for improvement, MetaMe‘s algorithm and system of analyzing one’s computer activity is enough to convince users of its potential. At this point, only Windows 10 users will be able to enjoy what MetaMe has to offer, something that, yet again, maybe unsatisfactory for some.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used MetaMe and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂