A Commercial and Powerful My Sql Database Administration Utility for Linux, Windows and Mac

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Navicat Premium is a commercial and cross-platform graphical software that provides a powerful MySQL database administration and development utility that is easy-to-use for new users, and advanced enough for professional developers.

Supports multiple database connections

The application has been designed from the ground up to support multiple database connections (for both remote and local MySQL servers). It includes a database browser, foreign keys, batch job, scheduling, stored procedure, as well as Unicode support.

In addition, the Navicat Premium software will allow database administrators to backup and restore databases, manage user privileges, run or create SQL queries, modify database data, create and delete databases, indexes, users or tables, as well as to import and export data.

Clean, well-designed graphical user interface

The software’s graphical user interface (GUI) is clean and well-designed. It is also very intuitive and easy-to-use, as users will be able to interact with their MySQL servers without too much hassle. The main toolbar includes all the tools you need to manage database connections, users, schedules, backups, stored procedures, queries, tables, etc.

The main window is split into two. While on the left side you will be able to view available connections, on the middle-right side of the window you will be to all sorts of operations, such as import, export, delete, design, open or create.

Written in Java, supported on Linux, Mac, and Windows

Taking a look under the hood of the Navicat Premium project, we can notice that is has been written entirely in the Java programming language, which means that it will run on any platform where the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) technologies are supported.

We have successfully tested the application on several distributions of GNU/Linux, but it will work on any Linux kernel-based operating system, as long as Java Runtime Environment is installed. Additionally, the software is compatible with the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Supported hardware platforms include 32 and 64-bit.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Navicat Premium and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂