Unobtrusive Tool Created to Help You Smooth out Your Scrolling, as Well as To Add Custom Mouse Buttons Actions and Mouse Gestures to Any App

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Even though macOS comes with a mouse preference pane, it is quite limited as it offers insufficient options for customizing the scroll feature, the mouse’s buttons, and absolutely no mouse gesture support.

SmoozeΒ is an application designed to fill in the gap left by Apple in the macOS mouse customization department.

Once launched, Smooze will add a status bar item with a menu which enables you to set the app to start automatically on login, as well to disable its custom scroll engine and button actions, and access its options.

Further, customize your mouse’s scroll using predefined animations

Moreover, via its “Scroll” options tab, Smooze will help you choose how many lines you want to scroll each time you use the scroll wheel, and if you want the scroll action to be animated or not.

The animation can be customized using a collection of predefined transitions and can be set to be continuous, with a slider control next to the “Continuous Animation” option enabling you to customize its acceleration.

In the “Buttons” tab you can create your own mouse button actions, that can trigger shortcuts, control media apps, simulate mouse clicks and scrolls, as well as help you bring an app of your choice to the foreground.

Fashion custom mouse gestures and actions available in any app

Furthermore, on the Gestures tab, you can design custom mouse gestures that can be used in any app. For instance, you can devise your own mouse gesture scheme meant to help you add gestures to apps that don’t come with native support for such a feature, for example, Safari, iTunes, and TextEdit.

Although Smooze’s website focuses on its scroll customization capabilities, in my opinion, the global mouse gestures are its most useful feature.

That being said, even though scroll customization is not my cup of tea, I’ve created enough mouse gestures to make Smooze an important part of my workflow.

More importantly, once set up, I completely forgot about it, and it kept doing its job throughout the whole day with no glitches or crashes.

Extend your Mac’s capabilities by adding extra power to your mouse

Regarding its resource consumption, Smooze needed up to 10% of a CPU’s core and around 40 MB of RAM during the first couple of hours of usage, going up to 110 MB after 7 hours of continuous running in the background.

The beauty of Smooze is that it will add much needed extra mouse customization options to macOS which will allow you to increase your productivity, and power up your mouse and apps with tailor-made mouse gestures and actions usable with any app installed on your Mac.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Smooze and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚