Bitcoin Wallet App that Includes Support for Hierarchical-Deterministic Wallets, Can Work with The Bitcoin Payment Protocol, and Enables You to Share the Funds with Others

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Copay is a Bitcoin wallet application designed to provide both secure and time-efficient solutions for managing and sharing your Bitcoin funds.

The utility can deal with multiple wallets, is able to backup your data, works with the Bitmap Payment Protocol and enables you to protect the information with multiple signatures.

Bitcoin wallet app that features a streamlined workflow

Even though you can use Copay to perform numerous management tasks, the user interface remains quite simple and does not require too much space thanks to a well-organized layout.

Within the Copay main window, you can quickly create new wallets, join a shared one, or import wallet data. Navigating through all the panels that deal with these functions is quite intuitive.

Once everything is configured, in the Copay main window you get to see the status of the currently selected wallet, view past transactions, or make new ones. The application can both send and receive funds to your wallets. You can also buy or sell Bitcoin currency by using the Glidera service.

Share Bitcoin wallets with others while making sure the funds remain secure

Copay enables you to generate seed passphrases for each wallet (including the shared ones) and stores all the private keys locally, so you will have full control over the information.

When dealing with shared wallets, you can easily propose how to spend the funds, but the transaction has to be approved by all the group members. The app comes with support for the Bitcoin Payment Protocol (BIP0070-0073), which means that all transactions will be verified.

Open-source Bitcoin wallet manager that puts you in control

Copay proposes a user-friendly solution for managing your Bitcoin finances, keeping them safe by generating distinct seed passphrases for each wallet, and sharing the funds with others.

The app enables you to effortlessly make payments or receive funds and verifies each transaction using the Bitcoin Payment Protocol.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Copay for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂