Connect to your TiVo device and transfer the recorded media to your Mac, or convert it to various formats to make it compatible with other devices

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cTiVo is a Mac app that automatically discovers the TiVo devices connected to your network by using the Bonjour protocol, and allows you to transfer the video captures to your Mac. In addition, the app can help you convert the video files to formats compatible with specific devices.

Upon launch, cTiVo scans your network in order to find compatible TiVo devices. The app can work with various models, such as Roamio, Premiere, S3, S2, or HD.

Moreover, via the cTiVo Preferences window, you can connect to remote TiVos by providing the IP address.

Easy to set up video manager that can connect to your TiVo device

In the app’s main window, you can see the list of available content, and you can choose to download the data to your desktop computer. cTiVo allows you to specify the output folder, and the desired video format (Apple TV, Decrypted TiVo show, DVD, H.264, iPhone or iPod compatible, QuickTime, MPEG, and more).

In addition, cTiVo allows you to monitor the status of each download and offers you the possibility to keep an eye on your subscription.

If you choose to subscribe to a particular show, cTiVo automatically transfers each episode and even syncs it to your iPhone or iPad.

For your convenience, cTiVo can mark the commercials to make them easier to skip during playback, or it can remove them altogether. If you choose the latter, to avoid any issues, cTiVo also removes the associated captions by recreating the subtitle file.

Remove commercials from your recordings and transfer the videos directly to iTunes

cTiVo packs metadata processing capabilities, can import the recordings to your iTunes and syncs them to other devices, can work with more than one TiVo device at the same time, and much more.

To conclude, if you are using a TiVo device to record your favorite shows, yet you like to watch them on your Mac, or on mobile devices, cTiVo can help you transfer the data and convert it to popular file formats.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used cTiVo for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂