Makes It as Simple as Possible for You to Keep Track of Your Financial Situation Within a Streamlined and Intuitive Interface Using Your Mac

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There seems to be a common belief that software solutions for financial management are not what anyone would call intuitive.

This is partly because most of us don’t have a high level of financial understanding in general, and partly because financial managers tend to exceed most users’ needs with hardcore monetary capabilities that are more intimidating than they are useful.

Simplicity and efficiency at their finest

Aiming to take things back to basics comes to Debit & Credit, a user-friendly macOS financial manager, claiming that you don’t need overly complicated monetary calculators or other mind-bogglingly hard to understand features found in other money management tools.

Instead, Debit & Credit proposes a simple working environment thanks to a minimalist yet nice-looking interface, budgets tracking and support for scheduled transactions, the essential visual reports, and considering how important our phones are nowadays seamless iCloud synchronization and backup.

This said, once you start working with Debit & Credit, you will soon realize that you are dealing with a true-blood OS X application, which reduces the otherwise complicated processes of creating new transactions or accounts to a matter of a few clicks and duration times of mere seconds.

Bundles all the budget tracking tools you need, no more, no less

Keeping in mind that most financial institution nowadays keeps your monetary data within CSV, QIF, OFX and QFX files, you will be happy to hear that Debit & Credit can quickly import data from the earlier specified files, and even enable you to choose specific and single transactions.

Despite being one of our references for many comparisons in our lives, numbers can often lack the overall representation of an idea. For this exact reason, Debit & Credit can instantly generate clean and easy to understand reports.

Real life-questions, not intricate financial expressions

Questions like “What do I spend my money on?”, “Where do I spend my money?”, or “Am I getting richer or poorer” are not only very relevant questions we all ask ourselves, but are masterfully transformed by Debit & Credit in comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports.

To conclude, Debit & Credit is a fair statement about the benefits of simplicity above all, as it makes it simple for users who don’t have a degree in economics or finance to keep track of their financial situation and actually use all of its features to the fullest.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Debit & Credit for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂