An Extremely Easy to Use Disk Cleaning Application that Is Able to Quickly Optimize Your Drive and Make More Space Available with A Simple Mouse Click

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The first thing you do when you reach the conclusion that you simply need more space on your disc drive is to empty the trash can and then look for files that you do not need anymore. Disk Diet is a small application designed to optimize the entire process.

Examine your disk content and identify junk files in no time

Disk Diet comes with a minimalist interface and puts on top of its main window a drop-down menu that enables you to select the drive you want to analyze.

On the right side on the menu, Disk Diet places a graph that shows you how much space is free on the currently selected disk.

Disk Diet requires you to confirm its access to be able to scan the drive, so you must open the disk you want to scan through a simple Finder window.

The application will analyze certain areas and then organizes the junk files into different groups, which you can delete by checking the respective box.

Quickly delete dependencies that you never use or temporary files that take up space unnecessarily

Disk Diet is able to detect extra languages (the attached settings icons leads to a separate window where you can choose the ones you want to remove), cache or log files.

Additionally, it can delete the content stored in a specific directory, such as the temporary folder, the Trash, the iPhoto trash, the Downloads folder or the Mail Downloads folder.

Moreover, it can find Developer Built Files and, in a separate window, allows you to see the name, size, and the last modification date for each entry. As in the previous cases, you can specify the ones you want to delete by checking their boxes.

Backup all your important data before putting your Mac on a “diet”

However, the developers recommend using Time Machine to backup all your important data before pressing the “Diet” button and actually removing the files.

All in all, Disk Diet provides simple tools for detecting and deleting unnecessary files and can help you gain some space back. Nonetheless, make sure that you really want to delete all the selected files and always backup your important data.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Disk Diet for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂