A Handy, Open Source Multiplatform Graphical Network Simulation Utility that Targets Both Network Enthusiasts and Professionals.

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GNS3 is a multi-platform utility designed from the ground-up to enable users to create simulations of complex networks without having to buy a router or other dedicated equipment.

A complex, yet easy-to-use network simulator with a user-orientated interface

GSN3 does not only target the advanced users but also students or people that are passionate about networking, by helping them to gain a better understanding of the connection and layout of routers or computers.

In addition, GSN3 comes with a streamlined user interface that has absolutely all the buttons and features arranged at one’s fingertips and will enable the creation, customization, and simulation of any network configuration.

Provides a good testing and simulation environment for network operations

Moreover, in order to provide its users with the most realistic simulation of networks, GSN3 uses emulators such as VirtualBox, Qemu and Dynamips.

Furthermore, GSN3 is capable to verify and test the network’s layout, thus enabling you to optimize its functionality. At the same time, GSN3 is able to determine the minimum number of routers required in order to have a balanced network connection.

A straightforward network problem solver that will help you in more ways than one

When dealing with network problems you can make use of the built-in “Take a screenshot” GSN3 feature: this way, you can compare the result of various actions, or provide relevant data about your network when seeking advice.

On the whole, GNS3 doesn’t replace a router or a switch device, but it does manage to provide an easy to understand network testing environment by enabling you to simulate various configurations.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used GNS3 for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂