iLock for Mac


A Reliable and Straightforward Mac Os Security Application that Is Able to Password Protect Apps You Don’t Want Other Users to Access

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There are many reasons as to why you should restrict access to certain applications on your Mac. For instance, you want to keep your emails safe and away from prying eyes. Other times, you do not want anyone to interfere with running processes via the Activity Monitor.

Simple to setup tool designed to do one thing: to lock your apps

iLock is a lightweight macOS application that enables you to lock applications that you do not others to access. The idea is simple: when users attempt to open a user-specified app, iLock opens a window that prompts them to enter a predefined password.

The application itself is secured with a master password that only you know. You must not forget the password because there is no way to change it unless you already know it. After setting the master password, you can easily specify the apps you want to be protected.

Can also be configured to automatically quit protected apps

As specified, you can also change the master password via the general preferences. Furthermore, locking an application consists of simply dragging and dropping it onto the “Locked Applications” tab of the Preferences window.

Besides app security, iLock comes with just a few other features. For instance, you can toggle a menu bar icon that opens the app preferences when clicked. In addition, the app can close all protected applications when your computer wakes up from sleep.

User-friendly and easy to configure app password protecting with inbuilt failed attempts logging

As a bonus feature, iLock can keep a log of the failed attempts to unlock applications in the “Logs” section of the settings. You also have an option to clear all logs after you read them. There is also a handy option to momentarily disable iLock.

In a nutshell, iLock is a breeze to configure and provides an extra layer of security to your Mac. It makes sure that only you can access sensitive applications that are closed by requiring a user-defined password. If you need a simple tool to protect your apps, iLock is the way to go.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used iLock for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂