Play karaoke files on your Mac, perform recordings, create playlists and convert MIDI files to MP3, with this versatile application

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KantoPlayer is a simple app that you can use to play karaoke files on your Mac, record yourself singing and convert MIDI content to MP3. It offers a decent array of features but is rather difficult to work with and does not seem to be very well optimized, as it uses an abnormally high amount of system resources.

A useful app for playing karaoke files and performing recording sessions

KantoPlayer supports many popular audio and video formats often used to store karaoke content. You can open multiple files at once, using drag and drop actions, change their order and organize them into playlists.

Moreover, it is possible to select which channels should be rendered and modify their output volume.

You can also record yourself singing while a karaoke file is being played and save the generated sound file to the MP3 audio format.

Customize lyrics settings and convert MIDI files to MP3

Should you wish to personalize the appearance of the lyrics displayed when a song is playing, you can alter font size, type, and color, as well as specify how many lines should be displayed at once.

KantoPlayer can also convert MIDI content to the MP3 format, with or without the lyrics contained in the source file.

Simply put, KantoPlayer does not look like an application you would download and install on your Mac. Button design and color choices are uninspired for the macOS platform, giving the interface a very outdated appearance.

Unimpressive visual design and high resource usage

Additionally, for such a simple utility, it uses an unusually high amount of system resources, which is something you would definitely not expect from an application of its complexity.

Overall, KantoPlayer is an easy to use tool that could prove to be useful for some, but its macOS version is in need of a visual redesign and performance optimizations, as it suffers from a few bugs and downsides that some Mac users might not be willing to overlook at the moment.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used KantoPlayer for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂