Karaoke App for Mac Os that Provides Quick Access to More than 20000 Songs and Integrates Controls Over the Lead and Backing Vocals Volume

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KaraFun offers you the tools you need to organize your very own karaoke party: an extensive song catalog, efficient track and vocals management tools, the possibility to place the lyrics on a second display or on a projector, and so on.

Connect to your KaraFun account to gain access to the songs catalog

The KaraFun application is a desktop client for the KaraFun online service that provides access to more than 21000 songs already prepared for karaoke sessions. To get started, you must register for a KaraFun account free of charge.

However, the KaraFun basic subscription does not grant access to all functionalities. To be able to play entire songs, you need to opt either for a party pass (2 days) or for a monthly subscription plan.

Nonetheless, KaraFun downloads the full songs catalog which you get to navigate without any restrictions, even though the track’s playback is limited.

Download songs to your Mac and switch to the offline mode

Premium KaraFun customers have the option to download any of the tracks included in the catalog to their drive and use the desktop application in offline mode. This is very useful if you plan a karaoke party at a location that does not provide internet access.

In addition, KaraFun enables you to create a custom playlist in advance by adding tracks to the queue. Once a song has been played, it will be automatically removed from the KaraFun queue. On the other hand, the History panel keeps track of all the songs that have ever been played.

Worth mentioning is that KaraFun provides controls for the global volume, and for the lead or backing vocals. As a result, you can choose to mute the vocals altogether or keep their volume at a minimum to guide the karaoke singers.

User-friendly karaoke player that can help you organize the best parties

KaraFun packs together efficient track and volume management tools and provides quick access to songs that include lyrics and are already prepared for karaoke usage.

The KaraFun app user interface resembles the iTunes design, so finding your way around should be fairly intuitive. Objectively speaking, starting a karaoke session with KaraFun is as simple as playing a song.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Karaoke player and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂