Windows Management Solution that Comes with A Collection of Predefined Layouts that Can Be Activated via Hotkeys or By Using Swipe Gestures

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Manually resizing and rearranging windows can prove to be both tedious and time-consuming. MaxSnap is a small macOS app that enables you to rely on predefined window layouts that you get to activate via hotkeys and swipe gestures, or via the status bar menu.

Windows manager that provides support for moving, resizing and arranging items

The MaxSnap application resides in the status bar and comes with a collection of predefined layouts that you can easily apply to your windows. Just make sure the respective panel is selected and then choose the appropriate configuration from the MaxSnap menu.

MaxSnap can enable the macOS Split View function or send windows to the left, right, up, or bottom side of the screen. Additionally, you can move them to the top or bottom left or right side of the desktop or bring them to the center.

During this process, MaxSnap will automatically resize the windows to half or a quarter, but keep in mind that there are also a couple of layouts that change the size of the window to one-third of the available space. Moreover, you can also manually increase or reduce the window size.

Control your windows via hotkeys or by using swipe gestures

By default, MaxSnap comes with a keyboard combination that can be used to activate any of the predefined window layouts. However, via the Preferences, you get to change the hotkeys or disable them altogether.

At the same time, you can opt to enable swipe gestures but note that you might also want to associate a modifier key to avoiding any conflicts with the once configured for the system right out of the box.

Furthermore, MaxSnap provides support for moving and resizing windows without having to work with the title bar: just configure the hotkeys that will send the panel to different areas of the screen if the window is below the cursor.

Rearrange your windows and make the most of your desktop space

MaxSnap is a straightforward application designed to help you move and resize windows on your screen. The app comes with support for hotkeys and swipes gestures, but keep in mind that you don’t have the option to create your own layouts.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used MaxSnap for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂