Powerful and Full-Featured Learning Management Solution Designed to Help You Create Your Own Private Website for Your Own Custom Selection of Courses

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Moodle provides tools for creating dynamic websites for learning purposes: Internet courses or online learning webpages.

Moreover, Moodle offers access to a Course Management System/Learning Management System/ Virtual Learning Environment and includes the necessary tools for managing online courses, large student databases, activity modules (forums, databases or wikis), assignments or quizzes.

Moodle features a user interface designed to be user-friendly and responsive on both mobile and desktop devices.

Furthermore, while using Moodle to manage your courses, you will be able to view and organize according to your own needs, as well as monitor all messages and tasks you get from a custom dashboard.

As an added advantage, Moodle enables you to collaborate with other people while going through your list of courses via wikis and forums.

Moodle has a built-in calendar designed to make it as simple and straightforward to keep tabs on your academic activities, as well as your own reminders and course deadlines.

Moreover, Moodle is also capable of displaying a wide range of alerts automatically when deadlines and assignments for your courses are close.

System requirements

  • PHP

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Moodle for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂