Note Taking Application that Enables You to Organize Your Ideas Into Multiple Notebooks, Provides Support for Recording Audio, and Comes with Sync Capabilities

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Notebook is a note-taking application that can fulfill multiple roles: you can use it as a diary, employ it to record meetings, manage your to-do lists, or just keep track of your ideas.

The Notebook app comes with a beautiful design and integrates sharing capabilities, but you cannot export or backup the entries to a format of your choice. Nonetheless, you can register for a free account and use the associated cloud storage account to sync the data to all your devices.

Create text or audio notes and organize them into predefined catalogs

Within the Notebook main window you get to review your notebook collections or quickly start writing text notes, record audio content, import images, or create to-do lists. At this point, all new entries are automatically sent to the default notebook.

Via the app’s Preferences, you can change the default notebook, decide if you want to include the time on the card if you want to group images or change the text editor font and the default note color.

Worth mentioning is that Notebook also comes with an extensive collection of hotkeys that enable you to manage notebooks or interact with the notes and text editor in a more streamlined manner (you cannot change the default combinations.)

Share your notes via the default macOS menu or use the associated cloud storage service

Each Notebook entry includes the macOS share menu that enables you to send content to the Notes, Mail, or Messages apps or to post the entries on Twitter or Facebook. However, Notebook does not integrate any importing or exporting capabilities.

On the other hand, you can also register for a free cloud storage account and use the developer’s servers to store your entries and to sync the data to other devices.

The Zoho cloud account does not seem to have any limitations but keep in mind that you cannot review your notes through the web (you need to have the Notebook app installed on the device.)

A note-taking application that can deal with media content and helps you keep the entries organized

Notebook tries to simulate the ease of using a physical notebook in the digital era: you get to input text content, record audio, create to-do lists, or import image files. All this data can be organized into catalogs, and you can readily move entries between notebooks.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Notebook for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂