A Lightweight and Unobtrusive Rss Reader that Enables You to Stay Updated with The Latest News and Updates from Your Favorite Sources

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RSS Menu is a streamlined Mac OS X menulet that makes it easy for you to read and organize your RSS and Atom feeds.

Light, simple and smooth-running RSS reader

RSS Menu is designed to run in your Mac’s status bar from where you can access its menus and access the latest articles. RSS Menu also comes with a practical notification system that provides speech notifications in addition to the visual ones.

What is more, RSS Menu allows you to change the menu bar icon, decide where to view the number of unread articles, and enable or disable global menus. You also have the option to change the text size and use custom colors for reading and unread articles.

Compatible with iTunes and Safari

RSS Menu seamlessly integrates with iTunes in order to provide podcast updates and it is capable to grab RSS bookmarks from Safari. RSS Menu helps you open new podcasts and articles using the desired application.

By accessing the Preferences window, you can add new feeds, create groups, place separators and import or export multiple feeds at the same time. The Integration tab helps you enable the integration with iTunes Podcasts and Safari RSS Feeds in addition to setting the refresh rate.

Customizable notification system

As mentioned above, the built-in notification system features visual and audio notifications, and you can choose between numerous voices for the speech alerts. As expected, RSS Menu allows you to decide when to receive notifications and what type of information should be displayed when a new article is available.

In addition, RSS Menu can be configured to display a notification when a connection error occurs, when authentication is required or when any type of error is encountered.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used RSS Menu for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂