A Simple, Intuitive and Very Easy-To-Use Surveillance System that Enables You to Remotely Monitor Your House, Backyard or Office

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Sighthound Video is a handy and reliable macOS application that enables you to monitor various locations and record the events that take place in front of the surveillance camera.

Helps you to remotely monitor multiple locations

Moreover, Sighthound Video is very easy to install and setup by both experienced and novice Mac users. You just have to download the DMG disk image, mount it in Finder and copy Sighthound Video to a location of your choice, preferably the Applications folder.

Sighthound Video’s advanced people and IP camera detection feature make it easy to find all your remote surveillance cameras connected to your network and receive the video feed. However, if your camera is not present between the numerous pre-defined profiles, you can easily add it manually in a couple of minutes.

View live streams and search for specific clips

From Sighthound Video’s main window, you can switch between your video feeds, search for a specific clip or playback your recordings. The built-in search feature along with the rules editor enables you to filter the content of your recordings and find what you are looking for easier.

For example, you can tell Sighthound Video to display videos where an event took place in a given section of the monitored area, such as a doorway or window.

The great thing about Sighthound Video is that you can tell the app to search for clips that fall under the above-mentioned criteria even if the section of the video was not set as a proactive alert at the time of the recording.

Receive notifications and custom alerts

Furthermore, Sighthound Video is capable of continuously analyze the video stream and detect motion and persons that walk into the alert zone in order to reduce the number of false alerts.

On top of that, you can enable remote access and view your clips from any location that has an active Internet connection. Moreover, Sighthound Video also provides live feeds and a simple way to browse the recording collection with just a few mouse clicks.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Sighthound Video for MacVideo surveillance and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂