Manage the Brightness of Any External Monitor Using Simple Hotkeys, with A Simple App that Emulates the Mac Os Brightness Control Function

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Snap Assist is a feature that has been available in Windows since Windows 7, in one form or another. It allows you to “snap” windows to the sides or edges of the screen, resizing them accordingly at the same time.

MacOS has plenty of other window management features, so Snap Assist may be seen by some as unnecessary, but it certainly can’t hurt. This small, open-source app adds the helpful Windows feature to your Mac as well, and it can definitely prove helpful if you get used to it.

Snap windows to organize them easily

There are two ways you can organize your windows. The first involves simply dragging them to the sides of the screen, at which point they will be resized to either fill one half of the desktop or become fullscreen.

If dragging windows around isn’t your thing, you can take advantage of a few handy keyboard shortcuts. ⌃⌘W makes windows fullscreen, ⌃⌘S returns them to normal size (a predefined set of dimensions that cannot be customized), ⌃⌘A moves windows to the left half of the screen, and ⌃⌘D sends them to the right.

Lacks a few key features at the moment

While the developer is certainly on the right track, there are some important features that are missing from this macOS version of Snap Assist.

After snapping a window to one side of the desktop or making it fullscreen, it will not return to its previous dimensions when unsnapping it. While you can use the ⌃⌘S hotkey to bring it to a more manageable size, this is not an ideal solution.

The app also doesn’t yet support snapping windows to the corners of the screen. This is important whenever you need to work with more than two windows at the same.

Promising app that brings Snap Assist to macOS

It’s far from perfect at the moment, but this application is most definitely worth trying out. It’s completely free and open-source, and some additional window management features can surely be added in future releases. While not quite a macOS clone of the similar Windows feature, it is pretty close, and it can only get better.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Snap Assist for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂