A Very Complex Application that Enables Its Users to Quickly Plan, Visualize and Document Molecular Biology Procedures on A Mac.

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SnapGene is a versatile molecular biology software that enables you to documents DNA constructs without having to deal with complicated tools or workflows.

The data can then be exported to file formats compatible with other popular software solutions designed to work with DNA sequences. Moreover, you can also use the free SnapGene Viewer utility to share the results with your colleagues.

View, document and annotate DNA sequences

Within the SnapGene user interface, you get to visualize the DNA sequence structure. The application is following the GenBank standards when it comes to generating the representations.

Moreover, SnapGene integrates various customization options and allows you to view specific segments, to change the directionality or the color tags.

The application can highlight the potential Open Reading Frames on its own, but also allows you to adjust the parameters for more accurate results.

Process the data by employing specific methods

SnapGene integrates support for in-fusion cloning, Gibson assembly procedures, restriction cloning, and PCR and Mutagenesis. All your steps while performing a particular procedure are automatically documented, so you will have a clear log of all your steps.

Furthermore, SnapGene can be used to generate agarose gel simulations or to highlight the sites that are tampered with by methylation. The latter function is extremely useful if you need to identify viable enzyme sets.

Last but not least, SnapGene includes thermodynamic algorithms that can be employed to determine duplex alignments and melting temperatures. This way, you can design primers to be used when simulating various procedures.

Comprehensive molecular biology application that sports extensive documentation tools

Besides all the tools that can help you simulate various procedures and analyze the results, SnapGene also packs exhaustive documentation capabilities that record all your steps.

All the information can be exported to the GenBank file format, to other formats compatible with similar applications, and even to image files for easy sharing.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used SnapGene for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂