Easy to Use Mac Os Application Which Offers You the Possibility to Create Your Own Words Lists and Create Different Spelling Quizzes

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Learning through play is a quite common educational practice and SpellBoard allows you to take advantage of this concept when it comes to helping kids study for their spelling quizzes.

SpellBoard is a desktop Mac app that offers you the possibility to create your own lists of words (you must provide the correct spelling and the grade level) and then generate quizzes by using the macOS built-in text to speech capability. However, the application also allows you to make your own audio recordings.

In addition, SpellBoard enables us to complete the word entry by adding a related phrase, antonyms or synonyms. Note that you can create word lists in any language and that you can share them with other users, regardless if they are using SpellBoard for iPad or SpellBoard Buddy for iPod touch and iPhone.

Of course, SpellBoard comes with a study mode in which you can go through a particular quiz while viewing and hearing all the available information on each word. If you are not satisfied with the data recorded in the SpellBoard word entry, you can easily search an extended definition in the macOS built-in in the dictionary.

SpellBoard offers support for multiple user accounts, so you will be able to monitor the performance of a certain student on each quiz. What’s more, you can also analyze the group’s success on a specific quiz.

To make the entire process more entertaining, SpellBoard proposes three game modes: Word Search, Word Scramble and Missing Letter puzzles.

All in all, SpellBoard is a great application if you are trying to improve your spelling capabilities in any language while having fun. At the same time, you can use SpellBoard to create study lists for kids and help them extend their vocabulary.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used SpellBoard for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂