A Powerful and Versatile Information Assistant that Enables You to Keep Your Documents, Notes, Bookmarks and Files Organized and In Sync

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DEVONthink is a flexible and handy macOS application that enables you to quickly and easily handle and organize your files, documents, notes, and bookmarks from within a customizable interface.

User-oriented and well-designed information assistant for your Mac

Thanks to DEVONthink, you can keep your important data organized, focus on your work, create a personal wiki and take advantage of DEVONthink’s AI to file and sort your data.

All your files and documents are stored in one easy-to-backup database and you can browse through it and find the desired information with just a few keystrokes. Moreover, DEVONthink provides different view layouts designed to improve your workflow.

What is more, you can open, view and edit a wide variety of documents directly from within DEVONthink, without using Quick Look or third-party applications. You can also load webpages as if they were locally stored documents.

Powerful built-in file viewer and editor with support for numerous file formats

You can think of DEVONthink as your own AI assistant which is capable of automatically file new documents based on how you handled similar files in the past. Furthermore, you can create smart groups and organize your files based on their content or file type.

The built-in search form helps you find the desired file using various keywords extracted from the filed documents. At the same time, the comprehensive context menu helps you create new documents, smart groups, task lists and notes with just a couple of mouse clicks.

You can also move, duplicate or replicate the selected document to a folder of your choice, tag name or group. On top of that, you can apply colored labels, flag a file or mark it as unread or locked.

DEVONthink also makes it possible for you to convert files to plain or rich text files, sort them according to the desired criteria an auto classify them.

Powerful file organizer and indexer with a built-in engine for finding and filtering data using a keyword-based system

On the whole, the DEVONthink app is designed to help you organize your information with ease and keep it synchronized across multiple computers.

Moreover, if you are working on multiple Macs you can easily synchronize your database with other instances of DEVONthink running on other machines via Dropbox, WebDAV server or even a USB stick.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used DEVONthink for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂