A smart and lightweight SEO application that uses the Google statistics to fetch results about the most popular and circulated keywords

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Keyword Research Ranker is a compact application that lets you find out the ranking of keywords that interest you or are relevant to your work. If your activity requires readers, or people to read your content or find your website, you can use this app to see which words are top-ranked, what are the monthly searches values, or their monetization potential.

Create an account and start the research

Keyword Research Ranker comes archived and it requires no installation. The only step you always have to repeat every time you want to use it is to log in with the account you have to create before gaining access.

From there you are greeted by a simple and intuitive UI that sports a search field and a large preview panel. Furthermore, you can find two more features on the ribbon and a couple of subfeatures related to the clipboard and CSV exportation.

Input a keyword and generate the results

The overall process is short and straightforward, as you only have to write down a root word and wait for the list to be filled. There can be only ten generated results for individual words, but that limit can be breached by imported lists or the bulk research method. The bulk research lets you search for multiple words at once. The items have to be separated by commas or newline characters (\0x0A).

Also, you can copy the entire list to the clipboard, for further use, or you can export them to a CSV file that can be used for storage or sharing purposes.

A quick and handy SEO tool

In conclusion, Keyword Research Ranker comes as a solution for users that deal with SEO related activities for their work or spare time. Its easy-to-use interface and the bulk process capabilities may appeal to users that don’t have too much time on their hands.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Keyword Research Ranker and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂