Youtube video player for your Mac designed to make it simple to play videos and Youtube playlists without using Flash, with no comments to get in the way and with no ads

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Keeping the YouTube website open in your default web browser can lead to clutter while putting an unnecessary strain on your resources.

MediaTube is a small OS X app that enables you to play videos separately, without using the Adobe Flash Player, hence reducing the resource usage.

In addition, even though MediaTube shows the related videos, you will not be bothered by ads or by user comments.

Minimalist and easy to use desktop client for the YouTube website

MediaTube provides an alternative playback solution for your YouTube videos, right on your desktop. To get started, either drag and drop a YouTube URL on top of its main window, or over the app’s Dock icon.

What’s more, MediaTube also integrates a small search tool: the results will be displayed in list mode in a small panel placed on the left side of the player’s main window. A small thumbnail helps you differentiate between the entries, and the results panel automatically hides when you play a video.

A streamlined tool that integrates basic playback capabilities

Finding your way around the MediaTube app is quite easy since the main area is reserved for the video rendering, while the top toolbar integrates the playback controls. MediaTube allows you to play or pause the playback, adjust the volume, to navigate the video using a slider bar, or to go back or forward within the playlist.

MediaTube also includes a couple of customization options: you can change the preferred video quality, and you can decide to play the video in full-screen mode.

Minimalist YouTube media player that does not need Adobe’s Flash Player

On the whole, the MediaTube app offers you the possibility to watch YouTube videos on your Mac without cluttering your default web browser or taking up too many resources.

This is because it does not make use of the Adobe Flash Player, and all the ads and comments are automatically disabled.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used MediaTube for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂