Enables You to Play Your Favorite Music Tracks from The You Tube Website with Ease, in A Clean, Well Organized, and Stylish User Interface

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Musictube is a YouTube desktop client focused on providing a traditional player like interface for listening to your favorite music and albums. The app allows you to search for artists or tracks and enables you to create a playlist in order to avoid going back to the app each time the song is over.

Uncomplicated music player designed for the YouTube website

The Musictube main window is organized in three main areas: the top toolbar integrates the playback controls, the right-side panel displays the current playlist, while on the left you can see the search tool, the search results, general info about the current track, and other available versions.

Via the bottom toolbar, Musictube enables you to switch between different track types (live, cover, or studio), to change the order of the songs by activating the shuffle feature, or to activate the Video panel (you can watch the associated video content).

Easily find high-quality music content and personalize your experience

Noteworthy is that Musictube is able to organize the music tracks by album, so you can easily identify the source album and add it to your playlist with a single mouse click. Of course, you can also add only single tracks.

For each track added to your playlist, you can see the song’s lyrics, general info about the source album, details about the artist, and a list with singers that have a similar style. The Versions tab is also quite helpful since you can find the recording that you like best.

Simple yet efficient music player based on the YouTube music database

Musictube offers you the possibility to listen to music hosted on the YouTube website without dealing with the associated video content: you can find single tracks or entire albums and add them to your playlist in no time.

However, Musictube also enables you to watch the track’s video in a small or large panel. Keep in mind that Musictube does not include access to the video comments and cannot handle YouTube links.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Musictube for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂