See Fascinating Images of Our Universe Every Day in Your Menu Bar, Along with An Explanation from An Astronomer, and Download or Set Them as Your Wallpaper

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The Universe around our little planet is fascinating, possibly infinite, and almost completely unknown. Even a degree in astrophysics only guarantees you a minute amount of knowledge compared to what can still be learned about outer space.

While NASA Picture of the Day can’t do too much about all that, it should help regular people like you and me learn a little bit more about our Universe, in a fun and engaging way. It runs in your menu bar and provides you with a new space image or photograph every day, along with a brief explanation from a professional.

An educational app that supplies bite-sized lessons

If you don’t have a background in astronomy, lengthy, complicated explanations probably won’t grab your attention, even if you are interested in the subject. Fortunately, this app keeps things simple, with a fairly concise description that explains everything in layman’s terms.

Again, you shouldn’t exactly rely on this application to teach your children everything about space, but it can help get them interesting in the first place, and that applies to adults as well.

High-quality images that can be set as wallpapers

Of course, knowledge is only one thing the app provides. A new image is delivered to your menu bar every day, courtesy of NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day API, which is available to the public.

These images can be saved on your Mac and used as you see fit, but you also have the option of setting them as your wallpaper directly, straight from the app’s interface.

Worth it? Probably not

While the app certainly seems interesting, and it appears to run without issues, it does come with a not-insignificant price tag. A $10 yearly subscription will guarantee an endless supply of images and explanations, but it does seem a bit excessive considering that both the images and descriptions are already freely available on NASA’s website.

Perhaps is some more features were added in the future, the app might be worth the price. At the moment though, you’re paying just to have the images and explanations delivered to your menu bar instead of viewing them on the official website.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used NASA Picture of the Day for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂