Safely and Conveniently Manage Your Bookmarks with This Simple Companion Extension that Gives You the Opportunity to Neatly Stock Your References as You See Fit

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When was the last time you checked how many bookmarks you had lying around? If you can’t really remember and you seem to have trouble sorting your bookmarks, then Scrapp Bookmarks on Chrome is the solution for you. This extension is a basic, yet a very useful little piece of software. It’s a bookmark manager, basically allowing you to add, sort and delete your references, fast and hassle-free. As far as it is concerned, this small extension is a link to a well-organized and structured corner of your life.

An account is required to run it

While it is quite easy to run, one must admit that a small hitch is a fact that it requires you to have an account. Why? Easy. It saves and allows you to access the info you store in it from wherever you want. All that matters is for you to have Chrome and your credentials ready. This could easily play both ways. On one side it could be quite annoying to some to have an account attached, but it is most useful to those that switch machines often and don’t really have laptops to carry around.

The interface is easy to use

As far as functionality is concerned, there are literally no aspects one may consider undesirable. Your bookmarks are easily kept in their specific tab. You can add them to a reading list or simply attach a tag. This will help later on when you’ll probably have too many bookmarks to sift through at once and will require some way to group them. You can add bookmarks and sort them by title or date. Whatever rocks your boat. It all depends on you and your tastes, actually.

Scrapp Bookmarks is an interesting extension to have if you’re a bookmark enthusiast. It helps you sort them way better than your browser would, and it also allows you to create custom labels to further sort your list of references. It works well, it’s clean and easy to use. It doesn’t require any computer knowledge whatsoever, and in the end, it will help you become a tad more productive end efficient.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Scrapp Bookmarks and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂