UML based software modeler application for macOS that enables you to create ERD diagrams in order to model your database, and much more

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StarUML is a macOS application that enables you to take advantage of everything the UML 2 standard has to offer.

Develop UML or ERD diagrams in a well-organized workspace

To help you get started, StarUML comes with a few templates that will get you working on new diagrams in no time. The center stage is occupied by the diagram editor, while on the window sides you get to see the working diagrams, the toolbox, the model explorer, and the element’s editor.

Note that most StarUML functions are also included in the app’s contextual menu, so all you have to do is select the elements you want to modify, right-click your mouse, and navigate to the appropriate tool.

All in all, finding your way around is quite intuitive, but the StarUML developers also provide extensive documentation online, that covers basic concepts, includes project management and diagram or elements editing instructions, and so on.

Improve your productivity by taking advantage of the integrated editing shortcuts

StarUML enables you to reduce the time you spend creating elements and connecting them together by providing numerous timesavers either via small panels or with the help of contextual menus.

The StarUML models are stored in the JSON format, while the app provides support for some of the most popular programming languages, such as Java or C++. The utility can either generate the source code starting from your model or reverse engineer the code to produce the diagram.

The best part is that the StarUML capabilities can be easily extended with the help of plug-ins. Inside the StarUML app, you get to browse the currently available extension collection and install the ones you need. On the other hand, you can also develop your own StarUML extension in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, or Node.js.

Feature-packed software modeler that can improve your workflow

The bottom line, StarUML provides a well-organized workspace and efficient editing tools that can help you develop diagrams for your new software projects without dealing with tedious or repetitive tasks.

The utility comes with full support for 11 types of UML diagrams, integrates ERD capabilities, can work with popular programming languages, and also enables you to export the diagram to PDF or other image file formats for easy sharing.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used StarUML for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂