An Easy to Use Files and Folders Organizer that Enables You to Effortlessly Rearrange Large File Collections without Too Much Hustle.

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The Big Mean Folder Machine is a powerful file management tool that comes with an assistant styled interface and helps you organize large files and folders collections in no time.

Moreover, The Big Mean Folder proves to be very useful if you need to deal with numerous files, and you want to avoid organizing them by hand.

User-friendly files and folders organizer that can split items into multiple directories, or merge them together

To avoid complications, The Big Mean Folder Machine app comes with a streamlined user interface that guides you through the files and folders reorganization procedure. Right off the bat, you must decide if you want to split or merge items together: the following options will be conditioned by your choice.

Either way, you must continue by providing the path to the source directories: The Big Mean Folder Machine can also deal with the included subfolders.

Quickly define the file organization rules and the app will take care of the rest

When splitting folders, The Big Mean Folder Machine provides support for 2 different splitting schemes (into hierarchies, or into batches), allows you choose the first and second hierarchy criteria (support for various patterns is included), and enables you to personalize the folder naming template.

In both cases, The Big Mean Folder app makes you decide what to do if the files’ names conflict, and asks for an output folder. Moreover, you must specify if you want the files to be moved or copied to the destination, and if you want to preview the results before the changes actually take place.

Full-featured macOS tool designed to help you organize your files and folders a lot easier

To conclude, The Big Mean Folder Machine proposes a user-friendly and time-efficient solution for organizing large files and folders collections by applying simple sorting rules and folder naming patterns. If you need to deal with a large photo or video library, the utility will prove to be a great addition to your software collection.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used The Big Mean Folder Machine for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂