Browser Add-On that Comes with Support for Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome and Shows You Which Websites Are Trustworthy Based on Millions of Users’ Experiences

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WOT is a browser add-on that provides quick access to the Web of Trust online community that allows users all over the world to share their experience visiting various websites.

Each community member can rate a page’s trustworthiness and mention if the site is safe for children or not. As a result, the others get to know right away if a website does not match a particular standard.

Integrate the WOT add-on into your Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers

WOT does not condition the user to work with a particular web browser and provides support for some of the most popular browsers available. Keep in mind though that there are distinct extension versions for each host app, so the functionalities might also differ.

Just download the appropriate package and go through the installation procedure, just like you would do with any other extension (relaunching the host app might be necessary).

Rely on the WOT community to identify the websites that are not trustworthy

Once deployed, WOT places a small icon in the browser’s address bar: the associated panel allows you to see the website’s rating, while also enabling you to share your own assessment.

At the same time, WOT will employ traffic light label icons to help you identify if a particular link is trustworthy or not. You can rely on this system when going through the results displayed by a search engine, or on any other website.

When giving a rating, WOT users can specify if a website practices online tracking, presents alternative or controversial medicine, talks about politics or religion, makes misleading claims or unethical choices, is simply suspicious, contains hate or discrimination, or delivers spam or ads.

Browser extensions that can help you filter out unreliable websites

Users can also signal websites that are delivering malware or viruses, provide poor customer experience, or are presenting phishing or scam practices. This way, you know what to expect before following a link.

To sum up, the WOT browser extensions connect you with the Web of Trust community and use a traffic light system to let you know if a certain link has a good reputation or you might encounter some issues.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used WOT (Web of Trust) for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂