A Minimalistic Program Created to Provide a Practical Method to Convert Numerous Microsoft Excel Files to Flash Formats, While Keeping the Original Construction, Composition and Images

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Most of us used Microsoft Excel to create simple or more complex databases for personal, work or school projects. However, the file formats offered by the application to save your job can be a bit limited.

Add your records and swiftly convert them using an intuitive layout

Xls/Xlsx to Flash Converter 3000Β is a simple yet powerful utility created to offer a fast and easy way, to convert multiple Microsoft Excel projects into Flash types, preserving the format, appearance, and photos untouched.

The provided interface is self-explanatory and user-friendly, consisting of a single panel that includes all the necessary functions, which are positioned in plain sight, for faster access. A standard menu is shown in the upper part of the window, while on the right, you can access a few quick shortcuts, to manage records efficiently. The supported formats are XLS, XLSM, and XLSX.

Configure the offered properties to best suit your tastes

You can add one item at a time, or an entire folder, depending on what you want to achieve. Records are displayed in the list along with their name, location path, size, type, and date. Plus, the files can be moved up and down, cleared and removed, all at once or one at a time. You can stop the conversion at any given time, and modify the output directory to the desired one. If you want all the documents to bare the same filename, you can do this from the settings, along with the option to prompt a message, in case errors are encountered, and open the folder when finished.

A few last words

The bottom line is that Xls/Xlsx to Flash Converter 3000 is an approachable and accessible application designed to offer an easy way, to convert multiple Microsoft Excel documents swiftly, while keeping all the contained elements untouched.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Xls/Xlsx to Flash Converter 3000 and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚