A lightweight application that modifies the looks of your taskbar. Turn it translucent or color it in every nuance you are in mood for

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Even if the latest versions of Windows let us customize the taskbar, it still appears that the options it provides are scarce, color-wise. Ashampoo Taskbar Customizer brings back a handier way of modifying the taskbar appearance, avoiding complicated menus.

No GUI needed

The application has a single role, changing the taskbar appearance, and nothing else, so an interface is not really required. To access its settings, you have to open the taskbar menu and right-click the icon that matches the desktop shortcut. Also, regarding the desktop icon — even if there is no interface, the shortcut is still necessary to start the app.

To avoid launching the program manually, you can set it to activate itself when the Windows starts. It’s not a strain on your system resources, so leaving it on would bring no harm.

Add any color to the taskbar or make it translucent

While right-clicking the shortcut, you can see what the tool has to offer. One of the app’s main features is the translucent effect, which turns the bar invisible and makes the taskbar shortcuts look like they are floating.

If you want to add it to a hard color, you can set it to Custom and open the Settings panel. The panels hold the color palette, and you can choose any nuance while you review the model in real-time. The real-time feature is represented by the Show Live Preview box. This function can be deactivated, but doing so would make the entire process lengthier.

A simple method for taskbar customization

All in all, Ashampoo Taskbar Customizer can find its place on your drive, as long as you wish to easily change the appearance of your taskbar. The translucent effect is probably why it whorts your time alone, as this feature is not available on Windows 10.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Ashampoo Taskbar Customizer and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂