Create a wide variety of sounds, including leads, chords, basslines, drums, and effects, with the help of this powerful virtual modular synthesizer

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In the beginning, synthesizers were complicated. Well, not that today they are extremely easy to comprehend by inexperienced users, but when they first surfaced, the instruments were really difficult to play. Considered the first analog synth in history, the Moog was also a modular synth, which means that it could only produce sounds if its different modules were connected via patch chords.

The Mood contained oscillators, filters, amps, envelopes, and noise generators – elements that are even now staples for most synths. But even though the need to connect different modules through patches was eliminated by later models, the idea never really went away. Many music producers just love being able to connect modules any way they want and the almost infinite sonic possibilities that this technique offers. In short, modular synthesis is still a thing, and even in the digital world, you can get very well-designed virtual modular synths such as Bazille.

A powerful modular machine

This is the second virtual modular synth to come from u-he, the first being the semi-modular ACE. In my review for that particular piece of software, I admitted that the synth was a bit over my head. With Bazille I didn’t really have this feeling and I can’t even explain why, because this is actually considered the more complex modular synth of the two. And no, I haven’t been secretly studying modular synthesis since the last review.

I can only conclude that Bazille is, well, a bit intuitive if you’re used to a standard virtual analog interface. Don’t imagine that the instrument’s more complex capabilities are revealed from a single glance, but one should be able to get decent sounds out of it rather quickly.

A wide variety of presets

If patching cables isn’t really your strong point, then you can always browse through the synth’s many presets, which include leads, chords, pads, basslines, drums, and various effects. Bazille has a deep, slightly abrasive sound that still makes it ideal for many contemporary electronic music styles. If you’re looking to diversify your sonic arsenal with a modular synth, then Bazille is a very good choice.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Bazille and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂