Easily copy the names of the currently selected folders or files with this useful application that allows you to save a lot of time

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When handling large volumes of information, spread over numerous files and folders, users might encounter issues when trying to copy the names of the preferred files efficiently. If people wish to obtain the names, they need to right-click and select the renaming command and then copy the name to the clipboard. CopyFilenames is here to provide a much easier solution, by allowing one to copy the names of the selected files or directories in just one mouse click.

An unobtrusive application that will allow users to improve their workflow through easy filename copying

The application comes with a swift deployment procedure that will not trouble novice users, after which it will be accessible directly from the Windows context menu. When selecting the preferred files or directories, one will be able to initiate the utility by right-clicking on the selection.

Two main options are provided, allowing people to either just copy the names of the selected files/folders or copy them and delete the selected items immediately after. This is very useful, as it will allow one to deal with unwanted files much quicker.

Copy the names of your favorite files or folders with this simple yet efficient application

Users will be able to perform single or multiple selections and the utility will allow them to copy the filenames for as many items as necessary. When pasting the contents of the clipboard into text documents, one will find the filenames ordered in the same way as in the directory selection.

The benefits of copying file names without having to resort to the classic, “F2 + Ctrl+C” keys method are numerous and users will find that this utility will allow them to significantly improve their workflow.

A useful piece of software that will save you from manually copying the names of the selected files or folders

For those who seek an efficient and easy-to-use utility that will allow them to copy filenames in just one mouse click, this app could be exactly what they need. Providing them with straightforward operation and unhindered handling, it integrates seamlessly with the Windows context menu, allowing one to easily copy the names of the selected items.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used CopyFilenames and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂