Access and manage all the privacy-related settings of Windows 10 and thus make sure that your data stay private with this application

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Despite the fact that Windows 10 is more user-friendly compared to previous versions, sometimes you discover that there are many processes and services running in the background that you cannot control. In fact, the latest operating system from Microsoft has raised many concerned regarding privacy ever since its launch.

DebonetΒ is a portable, lightweight tool that provides you with the means of analyzing and effectively managing the many privacy settings of Windows 10 so that you keep your personal data private.

Allows you to uninstall bloat apps and manage unnecessary updates

Since the program is portable, you can run it as soon as you decompress the archive. The interface is designed as a table where you can preview all available settings related to privacy. Therefore, functionality-wise, all you need to do is browse the list and select the desired options.

In case you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of settings and, perhaps, do not know what they do, the app provides a description for each of them. In addition, it displays the last time a certain feature was updated, release date and when it was last updated.

The utility also includes scripting, so you can find out if they are running on your system without you knowing. Lastly, it comes with a debug mode that lets you test which values are twisted in the registry as well as the executed commands.

A straightforward privacy-enhancing tool for anyone using Windows 10

From running and removing software on your system to getting data statistics without your content, Windows 10 is quite invasive in terms of privacy. Nevertheless, by looking under the hood and disabling the telemetry, unwanted functions, bloatware, and other privacy settings, you can manage to make the most of what this operating system has to offer.

Debonet is a tool that not only gives you access to these so-called hidden functions but also allows you to make an educated decision on what to remove or disable and what to keep.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Debotnet and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚