Record conversations from Skype and save them on your computer in a simple manner with this comprehensive and easy to use application

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In a lot of cases, Skype is used to stay in touch with family members or, in rare cases, take part in a friend’s birthday party that is half a world away using the video feed.

Of course, you might want to record the audio and video from those kinds of chats. Evaer is an application specially designed to offer you this possibility. With it, you are able to capture Skype calls and store them on your computer in HD format if the cameras are capable of delivering video in high quality. You can record both video calls, screen sharing sessions and conference calls.

Comes with a user-friendly and easy to navigate UI

Evaer displays a comprehensive interface and is ready to use immediately after it is installed. The first time you run it, it doesn’t require any configuration, you just need to let the Skype application know that it’s safe to use after you sign in to your account. To start a recording, all you have to do is call somebody in your contact list and click the record button.

Allows you to configure the parameters of the recording

Depending on your storage preferences, with Evaer you are able to record in modes such as ‘Side By Side’, ‘Local Webcam Only’ or ‘Remote Webcam Only’. You also get to choose the video output format codec and frame rate along with bitrate and sample rate for audio. Being able to make these adjustments, it’s clear that Evaer focuses on offering you quality content.

Since the application mostly runs in the background and there isn’t much interaction with it, you can set it to auto-detect calls and start recording when a conversation begins. It can even warn the caller that the following chat is recorded. This is a very useful feature since privacy is a real concern for many users.

A tool for capturing and managing calls on Skype

With the above to consider and a few more things to discover about Evaer, it truly is an application that has an important role in keeping memories alive.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Evaer and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂